Feel like going back in time, when days used to be heaven and nights were the dreamland. Never thought life would be so unpredictable. No doubt I have learnt a lot but who wants to grow up with only shadows around. I hear words of encouragement but my wisdom seems of no use. I do laugh sometimes, but have never found it to be substantial enough to celebrate. I’ve stopped dreaming, not because of the ugliness of my dreams but the fear of gloominess surrounding them too. I don’t want much but a single short-lived moment that can be rejoiced and cherished till my last breath. No one, no one seems close enough now to give a hand and help in stepping towards the light. Alone I’ve tried a million times… everything seems like moving even farther away. Sometimes I chase away the fears and the obstacles pose no hurdle. Only a ray I’ve been searching for years now seems missing… I am left with nothing else to say!!

There are millions juggling with these thoughts everyday, feeling dejected and left out. Statistics published by WHO state almost 800,000 deaths due to suicide every year, which is a person every 40 seconds. Life is not the same for all. Be the change for someone while you can. A hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on is all it requires to untie the knot!

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