Title – SEO For Blog Traffic

Author – Pushpanjalee Das Dutta

Publisher – Blogchatter (May 2019)

Price – Free

Format – pdf

Pages – 75

Genre – Non-Fiction

Language – English

Rating – 4/5

This book review is written as part of Blogchatter Book Review Program.

Book Blurb (In the words of the author)

“This book aims to teach the fundamentals of search engine optimization of any blog by keyword research and content strategy. All the tips and tricks mentioned in this book are implemented on my blogs and yielded results.
Please note that SEO takes a long time to show results. So, be patient with SEO strategies and concentrate on writing helpful and good content.”

About the Author

Pushpanjalee is a published author with quite a few books to her credit which are currently being used as reference books in universities in Guwahati and Itanagar, India. She is also an academic book editor and entrepreneur who efficiently shuffles between being a stay at home mom and an online coach for people starting or struggling with their blogs. Her forte includes content curation, SEO and freelance writing. The journey took her through many self-revelations and ups and downs which only strengthened her resolve to be at the top of her game. She is a proud recipient of many blogging awards and strives to help others in their journey to be a successful blogger and literary entrepreneur.

The Review

This book serves as a bible for people looking ahead to be effective in curating content and put SEO to good use to achieve what they want in their blogging quest. The author has shared her soul and learning of all these years step by step and in the simplest language possible. What catches a reader’s attention as soon as he/she starts turning the pages is the subtle presentation and soothing theme of the book. Nothing seems out of place or overdone which simply points towards her professionalism.

A word of caution, the book does start at a slow note and it might feel like preaching in the beginning but the author is smart enough to lay the foundation for the extravaganza ahead. It indeed picks up the pace with the introduction of real-life examples and an in-depth explanation of the concepts of SEO.

She has a plethora of practical bits of advice and emphasizes upon smart as well as hard work, advocating SEO and its benefits but enforcing quality content all the way.

โ€œDiversify anchor text. Do not use ‘here’ or ‘you can check this post’ as anchor texts. Use the longer and different forms of used keywords.โ€

The book is full of such pieces of gold and one should be attentive enough to make a note of them while blissfully immersed in her work. Another important aspect touched by the author is site speed optimization which we either are unaware of or keenly ignore. She has been generous in offering links to free tools which is a result of her learning over a period of time and struggle she had to go through as a beginner.

The author does not shy away from explaining various factors which worked for her related to SEO and image optimization in detail and pushes the reader to try new but tested platforms and techniques to help grow their blogs in this ever confusing and competitive world of blogging. One is bound to find useful info in the form of links and tools’ names all through the length of the book, hence it is highly recommended to keep a notebook handy while you relish it chapter to chapter.

The author keeps sharing her practices and viewpoints from time to time in order to make the content more relatable. She could not have focused more on shedding our inhibitions and stop

being shy in promoting our creative content to a larger audience. The coverage of social media and SEO co-existence and how they help each other grow has not just been adequate but exceptional keeping the target audience in mind.

I personally feel it was very thoughtful and considerate of the author to dedicate a chapter to help readers understand all about Google Analytics as well as walk them through the registration and the different usage parameters. As a bonus, she has also included a chapter about Pinterest SEO for Beginners and a well-sorted glossary of SEO for better understanding of the content.

The author has covered almost everything related to SEO in great detail in context to a blog and also offers useful tips for updating old content on the blog to direct fresh and more traffic towards it. The end would greet you with additional information about established blogs and YouTube channels on the same niche and topic for more diversity and help.

What’s in it for You?

The book offers an insight into the complete SEO strategy for your blog with a subtle yet professional approach. Simple use of language and well defined and segregated segments make it a treat for the reader. The USP of this book lies in the optimistic and motivational tone used by the author as she leaves no stone unturned in her quest to help readers overcome their fear and apprehensions about the giant called SEO.

The Highlights

The book boasts of sought after information which includes links to free tools, practical advice, short tutorials and personalization from the author. Every technical term is defined and included in glossary too for ease of understanding. The author knows what she is doing and has complete control all throughout which is evident from the way she has chosen to break the content in points for the sake of understanding and relatability.

The Low Points

The author has tried her best to keep the content as simple as possible yet it might be a bit confusing for newbies given the exhaustive reach of the content, concepts, and terminology in essence. On the other hand, it is a gold mine for intermediate level bloggers who are struggling to find their feet.


This eBook is a boon for bloggers who are looking forward to enhancing their reach in terms of not just numbers and traffic but the quality of content too. On the other hand, it intends to benefit people not concerned about the monetary aspect of the skill as well for it covers comprehensively the ways to create useful and meaningful content. The book is an outcome of Pushpanjalee’s years of learning, hard work, research and noble intent to help fellow bloggers achieve creative as well as financial freedom.

So go ahead and grab your free copy of SEO For Blog Traffic and start creating some ripples.

Till then keep SMILING and LIVE some more while you can, for thereโ€™ll be plenty of time to drag on ๐Ÿ™‚ !

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