Two wheels and a path

long journeys on my mind

saddle up my friend

we are going to be fine

Some sugar and some salt

life is a big feast

climbing up and down the edge

me and my beast

Some call me crazy

some laugh at my gait

I was born to fly alone

keep moving don’t you ever wait

For I am the one

with a thousand miles

behind me

Leaving the yard was easy

for what was in front and around,

a vast sea

of craziness and memories

this festival of celebrations

I carry along in my heart

come sit with me my friend

a few minutes always separated us apart

Music to my ears, is every rotation

The heart gets content

with every sensation

I will keep moving

till I meet the horizon

abstinence is not my game

let me try once again.

The end game is not my choice

My desire is a little vice

Two wheels under me is all I crave

Just a timid soul trying to be brave.


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