God is omnipresent.

God is in every living and non living entity.

God is one.

God is our creator.

God is supreme…

And yet all of us have our own versions of God. Unlike the saying, God is one, we all have our idols and we all have our beliefs and standardized rules to follow for worship. We have different perceptions and principles for the same power/entity which we all agree is supreme.

Every religion preaches the same concepts of peace, harmony and co-existence yet there is a different face (at times multiple faces) to every God. And everyone’s God is superior to other Gods, which makes me wonder whether a parallel system of governments runs up there as well.

Some pray to an idol, others prefer a wall, some bow their heads to scriptures and for some it’s the soul. But where is the real God? What does he/she look like? Is he black, white, Hispanic or brown and is it really he or a she? And most importantly which language does he/she speak? Doubts and assumptions have actually led to his/her substitution or is there really one God ?

Strong terms like atheist and non-believer have always led people to be blind towards faith and their God and the fear of being considered an outcast never allows anyone to actually seek the real God. We actually find it convenient to believe in and associate to an imagination, wherein ignoring the beauty in front. I hardly see people worshiping their parents or the nature which is existence to them.

I feel sorry for Dear God for he suffers so very often from forced identities and expectations galore and at the same time I seek a face (of God) in my parents for sure. The fact that there is no other meaning of the word God in any known language than what the whole world comprehends, strongly supports the argument that whatever form he/she may exist in, it indicates strength and meaning to life and not division based on that. Rest to each his own.

I was born and tagged

At the first breath

Meaning of life was different

No complex than death

Sun, air and some sand

I felt on my skin

Choosing colors and styles

Seemed never a sin

My mother held me close

and my father’s eyes were my watch

Doesn’t matter what I chose

My religion they say was top-notch

I am grown up now

and it’s time to brand my son

I feel a face to this order

Is just more than one

So I left him alone

to decide on his own

A God with a face does he want

Or his belief in every stone.


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