Sunday! The epitome of being lazy. Bed teas, brunch snacks, family time, beddiction (addicted to one’s bed and it’s coziness πŸ˜› ). That’s the routine we all (almost all) love to follow, “BUT” once in a while you are forced out of the slumber by someone who is really close and dear. And I happened to be the victim of one such assailant (of course my best cycling buddy)… lol!


Wakey ! Wakey !

It was a meet up cum breakfast invite I couldn’t skip even if I wanted to, for one her parents were in town and two, the food (given the bon viveur I am).


The Tribe

As always after many missed alarms and failed attempts at getting up, I mustered the courage to get ready and rush to retain the conferred upon title of β€œALWAYS ON TIME” by her πŸ˜› .

As soon as I hit the road and rolled down the window, I was delighted by the cool breeze and tingling rain drops. Putting on my favorite playlist and pressing on the gas, I was ready to meet the miles ahead.


Pitter Patter

Nothing can ever be more pleasurable than good times with family and friends. Top it up with mouth-watering, tummy spoiling delicacies and the circle of life seems complete πŸ˜› .




Bunny Hop


It’s all about the little things which bring about the happiest moments in life. Endless talks, harmless banter and discussing future trip plans didn’t let us realize how quickly morning turned to noon and coffee led to beers and cheers.


Hope everyday could be a Sunday and every moment a celebration. Nonetheless the quest goes on…!

How was your Sunday! Do comment and share πŸ™‚ .

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