Concluding The Festivities #BlogchatterA2Z

And here we are, standing at the finish line. For some this might be the end, others would prefer reflecting back, some will be expanding their horizons, but for me, it marks the beginning of a new phase. I see a new start line right ahead of me, with opportunities galore for a world so … Continue reading Concluding The Festivities #BlogchatterA2Z

Zero Tolerance #BlogchatterA2Z

Day 26 #BlogchatterA2Z The last post of #BlogchatterA2Z and some degree of nostalgia has already started to kick in. This challenge did not only give a platform to us bloggers but helped in bringing the tribe together too. On the last day of submission and with a mixed bag of feelings I have decided to … Continue reading Zero Tolerance #BlogchatterA2Z

You And Me #BlogchatterA2Z

It was always us As far as I remember Unsure of the moment When it all turned around We had a plan in place Every step measured The dreams we designed Our only treasure Walls of memories Adorned with love and care Our basket of feelings When did we actually stop to share I never … Continue reading You And Me #BlogchatterA2Z

X-Rated #BlogchatterA2Z

Shiny disco lights Some glamour and a little bling In the dungeons of ecstasy I choose to travel tonight Half naked bodies Half lit faces Shattered invisible souls Conveniently out of every sight I walk the streets Gaze fixed on the window frames Painted bright faces I see Emotion less but silently narrating The story … Continue reading X-Rated #BlogchatterA2Z

Wild Flower #BlogchatterA2Z

Blooming in the wild Surrounded, yet all alone Craving for attention Dancing with the rain to attract Crossing over to another season Covered in snow Trying to peek from the white In the absence of its tribe Proud of its colors The beauty it is blessed with No less than any of its counterparts In … Continue reading Wild Flower #BlogchatterA2Z

A Nation’s Voice #BlogchatterA2Z

70 odd years Am I too old or still young Not too far I have stepped yet A melody that is too often sung by the mature and ignorant alike I have braved Every season under this sky Saffron on the head with white on the chest A little green underneath And a blue speck … Continue reading A Nation’s Voice #BlogchatterA2Z

Unflinching Spirit #BlogchatterA2Z

The falling leaves The sweet scent Riot of colors in my eyes But a little bent Worries of yesterday and tomorrow Kept me occupied for a while The burden is off my chest today I am proud to carry this smile Life isn't so bad after all Catching the pace worried me I did stop … Continue reading Unflinching Spirit #BlogchatterA2Z

Take Me Down #BlogchatterA2Z

Broken soul Broken is the spirit Too much to sort Strewn all around pieces of unrest Dark alleys and shadows of the past Peeping hurdles from the doors, half closed and worn Teary eyed are the dreams No matter how much I clean Blood stains appear and adorn this robe of mine Droplets clinging to … Continue reading Take Me Down #BlogchatterA2Z

Woefully Sexy #BlogchatterA2Z

Sitting on the ledge with her feet dangling Fingers crossed behind those buns Contours of her jaw line and the naughty smirk so conveniently rotated in turns Pursed and enticing lips red as the bloody wine Deep breaths and shallow gasps is all she holds on to Feet still dangling but bare this time A … Continue reading Woefully Sexy #BlogchatterA2Z

Response vs Reaction #BlogchatterA2Z

In a fast paced world, full of complexities and ironies what do you think is appropriate - a Response or a Reaction! Well hold your horses before you jump to conclusions and shower us with your explanations. Before we even embark on this journey of right or wrong and good or bad, let me share … Continue reading Response vs Reaction #BlogchatterA2Z