Concluding The Festivities #BlogchatterA2Z

And here we are, standing at the finish line. For some this might be the end, others would prefer reflecting back, some will be expanding their horizons, but for me, it marks the beginning of a new phase. I see a new start line right ahead of me, with opportunities galore for a world so … Continue reading Concluding The Festivities #BlogchatterA2Z

Majestic Monkey #BlogchatterA2Z

This one is dedicated to our nephew Aayan and the proud parents! Those baby steps And the naughty winks Have brought a new dimension to life Although imagination is always wild But the real you have added a charm Beyond the scope of words The gleam in those eyes The twirky hops Every move you … Continue reading Majestic Monkey #BlogchatterA2Z

Last Rites #BlogchatterA2Z

I lay with a fixed gaze Oblivious to the chatter around Body all motionless All ears to my inner sound Memories of my yesteryear is all that interests me now a smirk on my naughty lips with the eternal trademark bow I realize I am short on time for people don't leave my side Attention … Continue reading Last Rites #BlogchatterA2Z

Retracing Haste #BlogchatterA2Z

Day 8 #BlogchatterA2Z It has been a roller coaster ride since this challenge commenced and everything has picked up pace in life. Thoughts are completing the circuit as if the mind is going through a Grand Prix and anxiety levels have their own train to catch.   There is no way to beat the urgency … Continue reading Retracing Haste #BlogchatterA2Z

Amritsar Aroma #BlogchatterA2Z

Bro : I am off to Amritsar tomorrow. Me : Take a bus, for your car is in shambles. Bro : Let's see! Wifey : I want to go and meet Di (my sister) too. Sis-in-law : Hey why don't you guys join us as well. It's going to be one crazy trip. A mischievous … Continue reading Amritsar Aroma #BlogchatterA2Z


New day, new beginnings, new adventures and new challenges. 2019 has been the year of many new ventures or tasks for me and one of them is going to be this challenge, i.e. #BlogchatterA2Z. Writing is in the blood and so is being restless. One life to experience so much, the hunger is ever-increasing. I … Continue reading #BLOGCHATTER A2Z THEME REVEAL 2019

Gulabi Nagri (The Pink City) – JAIPUR

Life is as beautiful as you treat it to be and the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. True to the saying, every time things become monotonous we pack our bags and head out to live some more and expand the treasure (of memories). Desk job and city madness takes its toll more … Continue reading Gulabi Nagri (The Pink City) – JAIPUR

Into My Wild

Another night to brighten the day Another journey, a new foray I leave the chaos as it wants to be My dreams are big than the words I say Dark and cold is the mood tonight Fearless my treads are going to be Apprehensions none that I have in my heart Soul of my thoughts … Continue reading Into My Wild

Breaking The Barriers

So very often in life we end up doing the same things, the same way over and over again and feel safe. Testing the waters and taking a plunge into the unknown is the choice of a rebellious few, for that's the way we have been raised. Desires take up their space and dreams are … Continue reading Breaking The Barriers