Take Me Down #BlogchatterA2Z

Broken soul Broken is the spirit Too much to sort Strewn all around pieces of unrest Dark alleys and shadows of the past Peeping hurdles from the doors, half closed and worn Teary eyed are the dreams No matter how much I clean Blood stains appear and adorn this robe of mine Droplets clinging to … Continue reading Take Me Down #BlogchatterA2Z

Barren Dreams #BlogchatterA2Z

The walls of her room Were all she had ever seen The smell of plaster Was the fragrance she carried Time had no essence In her world of lost memories Every effort to step forward Ended at the wall The air above her And the air underneath Quite staunch and her own Till the time … Continue reading Barren Dreams #BlogchatterA2Z

This Is Me

This is me, when I am free The smirk on my lips Says the tale of my creativity This is me, full of life The gleam in my eyes Holds the secret of being alive This is me, black and white The frame is my canvas My shadow is my light This is me, loud … Continue reading This Is Me

Life Is Good !

There are times when you want and then there are times when you can't 😛 . CHAOS is the word which describes my existence in the present scenario and to amplify it even further I might have to take a look back. Uncontrolled diabetes (yes I am a 30 years old Diabetic 😛 ), relocated … Continue reading Life Is Good !