X-Rated #BlogchatterA2Z

Shiny disco lights Some glamour and a little bling In the dungeons of ecstasy I choose to travel tonight Half naked bodies Half lit faces Shattered invisible souls Conveniently out of every sight I walk the streets Gaze fixed on the window frames Painted bright faces I see Emotion less but silently narrating The story … Continue reading X-Rated #BlogchatterA2Z

Take Me Down #BlogchatterA2Z

Broken soul Broken is the spirit Too much to sort Strewn all around pieces of unrest Dark alleys and shadows of the past Peeping hurdles from the doors, half closed and worn Teary eyed are the dreams No matter how much I clean Blood stains appear and adorn this robe of mine Droplets clinging to … Continue reading Take Me Down #BlogchatterA2Z

Neglected Nobody #BlogchatterA2Z

Tie me down as much as you can Leave a mark on my shoulder Pain won't escape my mouth tonight Unfazed unlike the boulder I break everyday For the sake of survival Denial is for you dear master I am the fear of my rival Patience and hard work I have always sworn by But … Continue reading Neglected Nobody #BlogchatterA2Z

Dear Dowry #BlogchatterA2Z

Day 4 of the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and I am already numb. The energy, excitement and activity all around is astonishing. This post dedicated to letter 'D' would be engulfing and a quirky reminder to our shallow and hypocrite beliefs. Marriages are made in heaven and the almighty is the match maker, but they are monetized … Continue reading Dear Dowry #BlogchatterA2Z

Bleeding Nation

Another attack... Brave hearts lost! Country in mourning... tempers flying high! Condemnations... politicians, actors etc. Backstabbing neighbor... Terror launchpads... Terror funding by Pakistan! Revenge... Strike back! These are the current sentiments of the nation and every soul is burning with rage and anger. This has been the case for quite a while now and I … Continue reading Bleeding Nation


Staring at myself in the mirror Mixed emotions engulfing the soul Drum beats resonating in the mind I wish for a miracle Embarrassed at my lacuna Lack of interest to achieve Humiliated and sordid Pushing the daemon insight I hold myself and let go the pain I am the miracle Devoid of a luster Phoenix … Continue reading Awakening

Path to Insanity

Self-inflicting pain and curses Kneeling down with the vows Mind spinning with the verses Countless hammers and their blows I count my breaths and I see the threads Breaking, burning In front of me Heard the joy Saw the laughter Of my pain and the adversity To hell says my soul I am ready to … Continue reading Path to Insanity

Plastered Smiles

Life was simple And then I decided to twist it a little Shattered smiles I started gathering Piece by piece, each one so brittle Every nook and corner I peeped into Every glance that I threw around Thousand helpless faces stared at me Clueless myself I found There were smiles plastered On them all Hesitant … Continue reading Plastered Smiles

The Demons Inside

I am not rigid in life But I do what I like People do tell me sometimes But these are my thoughts, my pride I chose to live Free and content I am not a slave To be one was never meant Judgments are passed at every step Glances of hatred and resent No love … Continue reading The Demons Inside