Unflinching Spirit #BlogchatterA2Z

The falling leaves The sweet scent Riot of colors in my eyes But a little bent Worries of yesterday and tomorrow Kept me occupied for a while The burden is off my chest today I am proud to carry this smile Life isn't so bad after all Catching the pace worried me I did stop … Continue reading Unflinching Spirit #BlogchatterA2Z

Retracing Haste #BlogchatterA2Z

Day 8 #BlogchatterA2Z It has been a roller coaster ride since this challenge commenced and everything has picked up pace in life. Thoughts are completing the circuit as if the mind is going through a Grand Prix and anxiety levels have their own train to catch.   There is no way to beat the urgency … Continue reading Retracing Haste #BlogchatterA2Z

Breaking The Barriers

So very often in life we end up doing the same things, the same way over and over again and feel safe. Testing the waters and taking a plunge into the unknown is the choice of a rebellious few, for that's the way we have been raised. Desires take up their space and dreams are … Continue reading Breaking The Barriers

My Truth

Life is never unforgiving, nor the time is sadist, the only discomfort is putting in those efforts at a time when the pace is comfortable while trudging the known territory. Phase after phase we keep working hard and strive to be better at things we actually do not like. Calling it destiny and accepting the … Continue reading My Truth

Happy Birthday Maa

It's my Mother's birthday and I want to write a special post for her to let her know how much I love, respect and care for her, but I am totally blank, at loss of words. Emotions are overpowering and the mind is brimming with thoughts but there is hardly anything worth writing coming to … Continue reading Happy Birthday Maa

Life Is Good !

There are times when you want and then there are times when you can't 😛 . CHAOS is the word which describes my existence in the present scenario and to amplify it even further I might have to take a look back. Uncontrolled diabetes (yes I am a 30 years old Diabetic 😛 ), relocated … Continue reading Life Is Good !