Blogger To An Author

Hey Guys!! Hope everyone is sailing smooth and in high spirits. Well more or less I am having the after effects of the #Blogchatter challenge from the previous month and believe it or not, it has been a revelation to me. We tend to create mental and social barriers with such ease that the task … Continue reading Blogger To An Author

Just One #BlogchatterA2Z

Drop by drop Burning with a desire Blue is the blood in my veins It's a different kind of fire Years have passed Of my miseries still I am a slave But I will look up this one time Despite the fear to fall and fail Take it all from me Or let me decide … Continue reading Just One #BlogchatterA2Z

Breaking The Barriers

So very often in life we end up doing the same things, the same way over and over again and feel safe. Testing the waters and taking a plunge into the unknown is the choice of a rebellious few, for that's the way we have been raised. Desires take up their space and dreams are … Continue reading Breaking The Barriers