You And Me #BlogchatterA2Z

It was always us As far as I remember Unsure of the moment When it all turned around We had a plan in place Every step measured The dreams we designed Our only treasure Walls of memories Adorned with love and care Our basket of feelings When did we actually stop to share I never … Continue reading You And Me #BlogchatterA2Z

Grains of Change

The sand was firm And the feet were wet Thousand ships set sail Everytime I broke a sweat Riot of colours adorned my eyes My dreams still asleep I still have countless miles Wave after wave Caught my attention The moments I dreaded Again put me in contention With every plan I ever crafted Rollercoaster … Continue reading Grains of Change

Love Me Not

Beautiful day, I can’t seem to get, what brought me so far, There's an end to it, they say. Wish I would've known before, Because now a lot has been lost, and things seem pretty out of control, Where the story ends, and the end begins, I’ve lived through those days, My soul is lost … Continue reading Love Me Not

The Demons Inside

I am not rigid in life But I do what I like People do tell me sometimes But these are my thoughts, my pride I chose to live Free and content I am not a slave To be one was never meant Judgments are passed at every step Glances of hatred and resent No love … Continue reading The Demons Inside