ज़िन्दगी तेरी तलाश है

सुकून ढूँढने चला जो तो रास्ते नें भी मुँह फेर लिया,रास्ता जो लगता था हमसफ़रथोड़ा और लम्बा हो चला। अंजाने थे हमबेखबर इस मातम से,जो बैठे दो पल कहींमिट्टी भी वहीं गीली थीं। बादलों के साये मेंसोया ज़रूर हूँ,पर प्यास तो मैंने आँसुओं से ही है बुझाई। खोया जो अकसरवह मेरा नहीं था,जिसको पाकर खोया […]

Grains of Change

The sand was firm And the feet were wet Thousand ships set sail Everytime I broke a sweat Riot of colours adorned my eyes My dreams still asleep I still have countless miles Wave after wave Caught my attention The moments I dreaded Again put me in contention With every plan I ever crafted Rollercoaster […]

Exploring The Tribe

I’ll start this one with a question. What according to you is your reboot therapy? Let me guess! Travelling… Being a nomad… Wanderlust!! Well almost everyone you toss the question to will bounce back with the above replies. More or less, people like a change in scenery. You guessed it right, this one is about […]

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