The system is not responding… the system is hung… the system is slow… the system has crashed.

+++++++++++++++++++THE SYSTEM REQUIRES A REBOOT+++++++++++++++++++

Being a techie, there can be no one better at understanding the concept and importance of a reboot. Technically speaking, reboot means an act of booting a computer system again, but the same can be applied to our mortal life too. Exploding tempers, impatient steps, revolving glares are all signs of the human system getting hung and crashing too often. Life has become so harsh and unforgiving.

Wait! Wait! Did I say life?

Apologies and correction, it’s not life but we humans, who have become harsh and unforgiving towards ourselves and our race.

Yes, it’s an accusation and strong too. God never planned this chaos for us, but just luxuries and pampered surroundings. You don’t believe me!

Look around yourself. Oops! Not the concrete and extended hours at work, a little beyond that… yes beyond those bundled moments of joy that you have kept safely in the closet to be lived some time later in life 🙂 . That’s the irony, the golden human touch that sets us apart, accumulating happiness and peace for future and burning out in the moment we live in.

What is required is a simple reboot. Reboot from the routine, the slavery and from the obvious. Gift yourself what you deserve… space to breath and spread the wings. Try stopping for a bit and cherish the moment instead of rushing into it. Nature has been kind enough to provide for everything under the blue sky. So go out now, into the green, where the river flows and meets the sea. Climb the tree and sing like a bird. Steal some moments to be happy and calm, proud of your existence and relaxed, for you are ALIVE.

Stop being a slave to your job, to the technology and most importantly stop being monotonous. There is more fun in being a rebel in this journey called life than being mechanical and technical slaves 😛 .

Hope you are reaching out for that REBOOT button now 😀 .

Waiting to hear your reboot stories in the comments below!!!


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