There is a bond that can never be expressed in sheer words or through any kind of gesture. The significance it carries for a toddler and a grown up is alike and uniform throughout. It’s an emotion that is shared yet masked, evident yet unheard. As strong as a mountain and assuring as a mother’s lap, as welcoming as the warmth of your bed and as fulfilling as the morning sleep, it’s actually a celebration deep within. The bond shared by a father and son. The most underrated and hardly ever discussed. I am already struggling to find words and frame sentences not because of lack of thoughts but due to the exclusivity of the bond.

All through the years of my existence and experimenting with my judgments and emotions, I have come to the conclusion that DAD is always RIGHT. All he wants and craves for, is a reassuring hand on his shoulder when he gets frail and old, his reflection in your eyes when he looks through them and your love and patience to help him get through his journey.

I haven’t had the privilege of being a father yet and I cannot claim to understand all the nitty-gritty of being one, but what I do know is, it’s never easy to be one.


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