I am not rigid in life

But I do what I like

People do tell me sometimes

But these are my thoughts, my pride

I chose to live

Free and content

I am not a slave

To be one was never meant

Judgments are passed at every step

Glances of hatred and resent

No love no humility anywhere

New world order they represent

Humble is not so good anymore

Life values lay strewn around

Is it too little to just ignore

Countless voices got drowned,

In the abyss of tranquility

For they are believers of the faith

and equality

Life is to be lived, like a non-stop dream

Ups and downs and all the gigs

Tangy lemonades and mushy creams

The words are scattered

And I am trying to pick them

Some chitter and chatter

While gathering some broken stems

I won’t budge, I won’t flatter

It is one life, every moment to gather

To look back

Will be mandatory someday

White and Black are the only colors

In my tray.

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