I’ve been counting days
since all this started
and every day, the fear manages to
take one more step towards its victory.
The mind and body have got
used to it now,
but the heart wants to leave
everything, and run back to
where it came from.
The deafening sound of bombshells
exploding and bullets triggering around,
leaves an everlasting impact,
but by the time I realize
what’s happening,
I find my fingers pressing
the trigger of my own gun, and
a few more enemy casualties are seen lying
The fight goes on,
a few more yards of land occupied
and then we are told to take some rest.
I keep aside my rifle, close my eyes,
resting but still thinking,
what might be happening back at home!
The faces of my loved ones, flash
through my mind, as if
I am talking to each and every one,
and then suddenly the call to
get ready for another assault.
The same land and the same sky
on and under which we fight
and a few more deaths
on both sides.
I wonder where we are heading for,
what cause does this render.
But the only answer I get is
that’s the way we humans evolved.
Step on others to rise above your own misery,
kill before you get killed.
And suddenly, a sensation, at first numb
but then the pain rushing through my eye to the core
of my brain,
Oh shit!! I’ve been HIT!!
Why the hell I didn’t realize it before,
but now it’s too late, for the
world seems to be getting out of my sight

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