Hey guys, how have you all been!

Somebody once said, it’s not how many miles you go, but how many hearts you connect to, that fulfills your journey. And I am living the experience at the moment. Cities, towns, villages… everything is so different but still the same. People have different habits, but the gestures resonate the same feelings. Logic takes a back seat where emotions drive the quest for life.


Innocence at its best

The days and nights remain the same, but the moments that we live in between, change you as a person every day, every hour, actually down to every second.


Empowered Youth

So the journey that I started with a cause has been sweet and sour so far. I have met more people than the miles I have covered and the realization that the world is far more diverse than I imagined has started to sink in.


The unsung heros

Meeting the brave hearts and sharing the moments with them, have brought me closer to a reality which almost all of us choose to be conveniently away from. Just as our soldiers on borders, the people guarding our streets, schools, markets and homes deserve the same respect and audience as well.



Guardians of the cities



The gate keepers

Pedaling from dawn to dusk, listening to stories over shared meals, trying to connect the dots on my charted route map, finding shelter and some unwelcome boundaries, this journey/quest keeps me busy. There was a fear when I started, of the unknown faces and territories, but I have started exploring the beast within as the miles keep adding.


Beast Mode

Curious glares, shared faiths, sweat and blood, and countless prayers, have got me so far. It is a vast and varied world out here which I could have never seen had I not been so crazy πŸ˜› . Interaction with the youth, wisdom of the old, some tangy emotions and countless hours on the saddle… it all seems a dream sometimes.


Captured moments

The love and support I am gathering every day from well-wishers and strangers is overwhelming at times and actually keeping me up and pedaling, despite the acute pain that has gripped my left knee for some time now. And at times it’s not a medicine that can help reduce the pain but an innocent smile.




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