The Ride To Glory (Phase 2 : Goosebumps )

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I am sorry for not keeping you guys updated about Aftab’s journey as often as it was planned. Some causes are so close to your heart that you prefer waiting for the right moment and the right words to flow rather than scribbling anything.

So devoid of any more delays let’s join in where we left. Aftab was treading the heaven on earth for last few days. Yes, you guessed it right! Kashmir is where he was.

“Life is never the same over the horizon when you ask for all the adventure in the world. Continuing my journey ahead I moved to Kargil, the place with history strewn around and embedded in every stone you pick.

Ladakh Scouts were one of the first units to be deployed in Operation Vijay.



This is the place where you get goosebumps just by breathing in the air. For those of you who are not aware, Kargil is where the war was imposed upon India by infiltrators from neighboring lands.


The air is mellow and the sky is calm, but there is faint echo of the warrior cries in the surroundings. Every step you take resonates the mayhem that was orchestrated. It was an honor and ‘the moment’ of this journey to be standing on the ground where our soldiers upheld the Tricolor.

This is where it all began and ended.

I had the opportunity to attend the special ceremony where the officer in charge narrated the events of 1999 followed by quick references to the visible peaks where the actual fighting took place and a nostalgic visit to the war memorial.

The Brave Heart

My brief interaction with the heroes of the nation quelled any doubts that I had about them being super humans. It’s just that they do possess a super heart which does the trick for them.

Escape the ordinary.

Back on the saddle, filled with emotions and a vision it was time to add some major miles to the journey. But as it was destined, the bike suffered a major breakdown leaving me high and dry in the middle of nowhere. Oh did I forget to mention that this place is a cold desert and sparsely inhabited. It was time to catch some breath and strategize the next move. Sometimes the worst is what brings the best for you. God had other plans for me and strange voices woke me up from my slumber. I had company and what better than some cyclists with their beasts ready to lend a hand 😀 .

The break down.
My Saviors


It’s going to be about a month now since I’ve left home, and I realized for the first time that I am my own companion. Never before in life had I paid any attention to this aspect of my personality. Having all the time in the world for introspection, self-talks and digging my inner thoughts, I now know why there is so much dissatisfaction and haste in the world. Yet there are people who would attempt the meanest tasks in life to bring about some positive and noteworthy changes around.

The Inspiration

Meeting people, collecting experiences, challenging my limits and rebooting my system more often than required is what my routine is made up off. To bring a new dimension to my narrative, I am going to stop here. I believe pictures are more expressive at times than words, hence, I am going to let you all enjoy some frames I captured on the go.”

Chipmunks on the prowl.





Jai Hind




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16 thoughts on “The Ride To Glory (Phase 2 : Goosebumps )

    1. Thank you for taking the time out and connecting to the post Amleta, but it’s not me. He is a dear friend and fellow cyclist and I am bringing his journey to you all through my blog 🙂 .

    1. He has been a national level cyclist and just 22… I guess that answers it all buddy 😛 . On a serious note he thanks you all for the love and support bestowed upon him 🙂 .

  1. I had to read all the previous parts of this to understand what the post was about. This is truly very inspiring and it’s amazing what he did 15O km a day on bicycle and dedicating it to the heroes of our country this is amazing. I am absolutely amazed and happy that he could fulfill his journey. Wow

    1. Thank you for taking the time out and appreciating his efforts and the cause. He is stuck in Manali at the moment, safe and sound though. Will be covering every state and a total of 30000 km in 9 months.

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