90+ days and 9000+ km

It’s been a while since you guys got any update about the Brave Heart aka ‘Aftab Faridi’, and I am pretty glad and deeply proud to inform you all that after 90 days and 8300 km he is still going strong, creating bonds, overcoming each and every fear, flirting with the challenges and transforming into someone I definitely love as well as envy.


In his words –

“Starting the journey seemed an uphill task with all the planning, gathering support, logistics, convincing sponsors and everyone else, but 3 months down the line when I look back at the phase it seems the easiest one so far. Survival is not an option at times but a necessity which can’t be ignored.


Learning how to survive.

Life has seen a 360 degrees turn in these last 3 months accompanied with some life changing and near death experiences ranging from the camping tent being torn by a fox, being on the wrong side of a herd of Yaks and getting chased by them, getting stuck in a blasting zone in the Himalayas and a freak accident at the cliff’s edge. But life has been rewarding at the same time as well in the form of caring people, free food and shelter, tons of shared knowledge, practical life lessons and a few marriage proposals πŸ˜€ .


Life is rewarding at times πŸ˜› .




 Life’s lemons… lol !

The cause and conviction for soldiers was at the core of my agenda when I had started off and still remains at the top, but coming this far in terms of distance and moments in life I firmly believe everyone is a soldier of his own cause and has a story to tell. State after state, crossing the boundaries, the only similarity I could relate to was the STRUGGLE. Every smile and frown, every meal I shared, every mile dusted off has brought me closer to myself and to some extent helped me LIVE as I want and not as the world wants me to.




Three to tango

I have had the privilege of being in the company of saints and seers, get enthralled by story tellers, rejected by a few and loved by most. Complaints are few and adventures have been plenty. Sleeping by the highway, on people’s porch and near a dustbin doesn’t make me uncomfortable now but how the country is being degraded by the politicians definitely does. I have survived days on leaves and grass and waited for hours for the ice to melt to quench the thirst but still strive to get an answer to “What is Life”.


Any which ways, the journey continues and the love and support I get from you makes my resolve even stronger. Special mention to the bike, more of my soul than a companion now which pushes me hard and carries my weight every time I wish to take a step back and the special angels I’ve met on the journey so far who have treated me same as their own and given me more than I could ever expect. Words, they say are stronger than emotions at times and so do I feel, still they often fall short when I wish to say more πŸ˜› .”



Brother in Arms


Ignited Minds



Be True, Be Good

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