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The day did come and I had a sleepless night, turning and tossing in anxiety. It was a strange feeling, not associated with any kind of expectations or pressure, but the fear of the unknown. We all have our demons to fight, and so did I.

“A warrior acts as if he knows what he is doing, when in effect he knows nothing.”    – Carlos Castaneda

The morning was fresh, clear blue skies, calling out to the explorer within me. It will remain etched in my memories forever, 26th August 2018, the day my journey started. Truly humbled by the strength in numbers, warm wishes and love bestowed by everyone at the see off. Not to forget the countless wishes I received through phone and messages. No feeling has even been so overwhelming and strong.


Locked & Loaded

What better place to start the journey than India Gate, the mark of respect and honor for the ones who preferred to fall to keep us standing firm and tall. One of the largest war memorials in India, whose architecture was inspired by Arc de Triomphe in Paris consists of the flame of the immortal soldier adorned by a reversed L1A1 Self-loading rifle placed on its barrel, crested by a soldier’s helmet.


A bit of emotions here and there

It was an emotional and proud moment for me. With eyes closed I could hear the excitement in voices, motivation and support in every hand reaching out to me. It was time at last to saddle up and START.


The Tribe

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