A few years ago, I came across someone quite opposite to me in more ways than I could imagine. It was the beginning of a journey, two strangers completely unknown to each other and walking the thin line with only hope and compromise to balance upon. The task at hand was herculean and every step was a test. And since then, it has been almost 5 years of knowing (rather tolerating 😛 ) each other and we actually have come a long way.

Moving past our differences, burying the erupting clashes every now and then, holding each other tight and spending endless moments of love and joy together, we have graduated a level further in this quest.

Celebrations are never time or date dependent for me as I believe in living every moment, still some dates do have a significance attached to them. And it is an absolute crime (undeclared by law though) to forget your wife’s BIRTHDAY 😛 .

So this post is dedicated in all it’s essence to the dearest wifey for being a companion to the core and my partner in crime all throughout. I know, we men are good at many things but expressing ourselves or being emotional, but be assured for we do love and care.

Thank you darling for putting up with me and matching every step in whatever situation. I will stop here as words can do only as much justice to the emotions for this bond is way beyond them.

Love you to the core and till the swords are drawn again 😛 .

Wish you a healthy and smiling Birthday Sweetheart <3 😀 .


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