While returning from work this evening I was wondering why this job. I mean why a job? Why not jobs! Something new every day, new faces, new chores, new discoveries. Why do we keep heading back to the same place day after day, have to meet and greet the same set of people whether we like or not.

A good morning that is as fake as the smiles that adorn the faces. The morning was good till the time I was in my bed. It would have remained good had I not been part of this mad rush. I am sure as a tourist seeing the statue of liberty three times in a row you are not heading back again πŸ˜› .

The question has haunted me for a while now and I believe it is because of this monotonous and scripted lifestyle that I took up blogging, for it has helped me to break free from the routine and obvious, though not completely but to an extent. I am free to learn and create something new each day, connect with whoever I like and the most important aspect, be my own boss and define my own time.

I feel regulations are required for maintaining order, but creativity doesn’t seek them. Whether a job or a hobby, it is not to be regulated but enjoyed.

Why did you embark upon this journey? Think if you haven’t given it a thought yet, you might tumble upon something weird and interesting πŸ˜€ !

I would love to hear your stories in the comments below for I know there are more crazy souls like me out there… lol!

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