It was always us

As far as I remember

Unsure of the moment

When it all turned around

We had a plan in place

Every step measured

The dreams we designed

Our only treasure

Walls of memories

Adorned with love and care

Our basket of feelings

When did we actually stop to share

I never realized

And were you prepared

I have my doubts intact

My instincts I laid all bare

No words escaped

No steps back tracked

A piece of my clothes

Still occupies that rack

You are emptying so fast

With a hint of wetness on the cheek

Behind the curtains, in that corner

I am still ready to sleep

A void has crept within

Hollowness of a different kind

Did we not care to see

Or it just never crossed the mind

You had your concerns

And mine were no different

Priorities started crumbling

In a patterned dissent

Distance was a marker

Which we always ignored

It was a conscious choice

For I am pretty sure

None of us felt a thing

The boat capsized

When we stopped wearing the ring

A few more strokes

Is all it took for the dent

The storm that was brewing

Since an eternity

More than being sad tonight

Tow defeated souls we are

Wish we had the will and intent

To be more than just you and me.

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