Day 26 #BlogchatterA2Z

The last post of #BlogchatterA2Z and some degree of nostalgia has already started to kick in. This challenge did not only give a platform to us bloggers but helped in bringing the tribe together too. On the last day of submission and with a mixed bag of feelings I have decided to touch upon something which is often ignored and underrated.

Zero Tolerance in life.

Tolerance can simply be put as the ability and will to accept the existence of thoughts, behavior or actions which we either dislike or disagree with. On the contrary, zero tolerance signifies the strong, deep and determined desire to not agree or stand with any of these.

Now the argument definitely has two aspects which deserve equal attention but in different lights. The kind of fast-paced life that we lead, often on the edge has pushed us towards dwindling patience levels and reactive emotions. At the same time, our expectations have risen many folds and benchmarks have conveniently taken a leap.

Be it at work, home or while commuting, everyone wants privilege and special treatment, but at the cost of discomfort to others, obviously. The margin of error gets defined to be nil for the guard, chauffeur, maid, carpenter, lift operator, vegetable vendor, etc., but for us, it can be relaxed, for we are a human being. I fail to understand when this concept of self-righteousness started to creep in!


Life operates on the simple fundamental of co-existence and peace but the innovative Homo sapiens got this further tweaked. We tolerate only out of need and greed whereas contributing to the chaos where it is required to be enforced in spirit and entirety.

Anyone would be amazed to know that the ignorance related to our actions and intent is a byproduct of our intellect and in terms of resolution and taking a stand we prefer the backseat.

As a sweet reminder

  • How many times have we objected to incessant honking?
  • Have we ever objected to the use of loudspeakers by religious institutions at odd timings?
  • How many times have we stopped people from littering in public?
  • How many times we have stopped people from begging?
  • Have we ever tried to convince someone to get back up on his/her feet?

The ones listed above are just a few examples of things which affect us daily, but we prefer to tolerate them willfully. The aim will never be to achieve sainthood but at least some sanity. Tolerance is like a barrier to keep the negativity away and absorb what you can. On the other hand, zero tolerance is the key to meaningful existence with dignity. Finally, the choice is yours to make and the benefits for you to keep as well. On this note, I would leave you high and dry with some brainstorming to be done and bring about the desired change in your lives.


This is obviously not the end but the mark of another journey and once again I thank you all for being really kind and generous in TOLERATING me through these 26 beautiful, tiring, exhilarating and rewarding days of #BlogchatterA2Z.

Till then keep SMILING and LIVE some more while you can, for there’ll be plenty of time to drag on πŸ™‚ !

Stay tuned for more interesting and thought-provoking posts.


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